Stop Procrastinating!



Causes of Procrastination

There are many reasons for procrastination; obviously some are more evident than others, one in particular may surprise you.

And that is perfectionism; there have been many studies that suggests that there may be a link between procrastination and perfectionism.

What you’re probably thinking is … that just doesn't make sense, how can a perfectionist procrastinate? Well even though this may not qualify as one of the more common causes of procrastination, there is certainly some validity in this argument.

causes of procrastination

Think about it, how hard is it to believe that some people are so bothered by the idea of them not do something perfect, they end up not doing it at all? Studies that examine the relationship between perfectionism and causes of procrastination often vary in their arguments and often come to different conclusions about the two.

One school of thought is that people who strive for perfection are bound for success. The other suggests that perfectionists are obsessive compulsive that need to have everything neat, clean, and in order. Although this may be counterintuitive, this model suggests that perfectionist have a natural inclination toward procrastination.

Finding Work-Life Balance

Finding balance is one of the most difficult things you will be faced with in life. In particular, finding balance between work, school, and your personal life.

Highly successful perfectionist may obtain a huge amount of success at work, but at the expense of success in other parts of their lives. Most people spend a great deal of time and effort at work making sure things are done so well that they neglect other areas of their life.

If you're spending most of your energy at work, by the time you get home your energy has dissipated, so you don’t have that same drive or intensity to be successful in those other aspects of your life. If the drive isn't there for responsibilities outside of work, those tasks that are considered necessary will often fall on a friend or a spouse. Even though you are tired from working all day, you should find the energy and time to do these things. Don’t tell yourself “I’m too tired to do this” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”, because all you’re doing is justifying why a certain task isn’t getting done, in other words you’re procrastinating!

Challenge Yourself to Explore Uncharted Waters

Also, if you assign a specific job to a friend or a family member all the time, you don’t get to develop that skill, ability, or talent. And if you don’t learn those talents, eventually you will get to the point where you start to question whether you have the ability to perform the duty even if you had the time.

If this works for you, go ahead and continue to have other people in your life do things that you can handle yourself. If not, you should reevaluate how you handle your day to day responsibilities.

For example, in your household, responsibilities such as child rearing, paying bills, and cooking may be assigned to a single person. Maybe you pay all the bills and do all the cooking and your spouse disciplines the children or vice versa.

Don’t automatically assume that your spouse likes to handle their “designated” responsibility; it is possible that your spouse would love to do some of the things you typically handle. Find ways for both of you to share responsibilities, so that each of you get practice performing the job. If your spouse usually does the cooking, even though you may be tired from a long days work, go ask if you can help. If you don’t feel very comfortable in the kitchen, start by doing light cleaning and/or chopping vegetables. In addition to gaining some exposure, you can be assured you will score “points” with the spouse.

Challenge yourself to do things that don’t necessarily come easy. You are probably thinking that “ having the wife balance the books is the most efficient use of both our time”. Is this really the most effective use your energy or is this just justification for procrastination? O.K., so you’ve helped with the bills for the last couple months and you just have not been able to develop a knack for it, that’s fine. Don’t feel bad, you should actually feel good that you found out through trial instead of assumption that you didn’t have the knack for balancing the books.

Keep in mind that helping with that task was to help you get experience doing something you wouldn’t regularly do. Even though you may not be good at it, you have just proved to yourself that you can do an unfamiliar job without thinking of a million other things to do instead.

If you guys share task and after doing so decide that it is indeed more effective to deal with your “designated” jobs, than you should stick with it. Just make sure that you aren’t missing out on a potentially valuable life experience just because you assume you don’t have the ability. Make sure that these are conscious decision you are making when it comes to executing a task or deciding not to deal with it.

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