Stop Procrastinating!



Effects of Procrastination

More often than not, procrastinating results in task being put off until the very last minute. If fear of failure or success made you anxious when faced with a difficult task, imagine the anxiety you will feel when you have a deadline approaching for a critical task that will not be completed because of your procrastination.

Now think about if you have multiple tasks that are to be completed around the same time. You are probably getting nervous just thinking about situations like this you have either put yourself in or are about to put yourself in.

Time and time again, for whatever reason, we put things off until the last minute and every time we do we have that same nervous feeling come over our body. For the sake of our physical, mental, and emotional well being we must learn how to stop procrastination. If you are not careful, the effects of procrastination can have damaging consequences on your life.

Procrastination Can Negatively Effect on Our Personal Life

It is very unhealthy to continue to put your body through this type of stress, not only is it unhealthy for you, it puts unnecessary strain on your relationships.

There have been studies that suggest that anxiety may compromise our immune systems, and therefore render it susceptible to infections diseases. When we are feeling anxious about things we tend to lose our ability to focus, therefore increasing the chances of use being involved in accidents.


When we decide not to deal with things and put them off, all we are doing is making more work for ourselves in the long run. And the more work we have, the more stressed you will feel because of all the backlogged work you still have to do.

You know just because we avoid completing a task today doesn’t mean it will not need to be done tomorrow.

An ideal situation for us is to just go to sleep tonight and wake up and magically the task is done, but that’s not how it works. Instead we wake up and we have an even heavier burden than the day before. This stress or anxiety we feel over long periods of time can lead to more serious situations such as depression and other forms of mental illnesses.

Stress in moderation may be good for us, it can make us more competitive or drive us to be more innovative, but it may also drive us to a mental institution. If we don’t learn to manage stress it may lead to depression and other mental issues that will make our lives much harder to cope with.

When we convince ourselves to procrastinate, we aren’t doing anything but deceiving ourselves into thinking other things are more important than what we should be doing at that time. One reason we are so easily distracted is because of our lack of self control.

In order to get more out of life, we may want to learn how to better control ourselves, especially when it comes to our personal finances. If we are procrastinating when it comes to paying the bills, this can lead to mounting debt, which may have lasting affects on us. This debt not only affects us it may affect our children and loved ones.

For example, if you accumulate some bad debts, it’s possible that your children may inherent your debt and therefore are responsible for it. That’s not a burden you want to put on your kids just because you were being irresponsible. Or if the mortgage is not paid in a timely manner, the bank or mortgage company may proceed with a home foreclosure.

So as you can see, it is very easy to tell ourselves that we will pay that bill later or put the check in the mail tomorrow. What’s not easy though is dealing with the consequence of getting the check in the mail too late and losing a home as a result.

Procrastination Can Negatively Effect Our Employment

The effects of procrastination is not limited to our finances, this may also have serious consequences on our health. How many times have you heard stories of people having aches and putting off going to the doctor? When they finally go to the doctor it's only out of absolute necessity and then they find out that ache was something serious.

We have all heard these stories, fortunately sometimes the person gets to the doctor just in time to catch something life threatening, other times they aren’t so lucky. Or what about the time when you had a tooth ache that you ignored that could have been fixed with a simple sealant that now needs a root canal? We all procrastinate to some degree, just make sure it’s not about something that can be life threatening.

The effects of procrastination can also be noticed at work. At our place of employment we have to work toward deadlines, these deadlines can help organize workload and help stay on task.

Putting off undesirable task can have serious implications. For example, you may be viewed as unreliable, incompetent, or just plain lazy. It is important that when we have a responsibility at work that we execute it to the best of our ability for the sake of our integrity and relationship with colleagues and co-workers.

In our lives there are many things that need to be done to ensure we are able to function day to day. These tasks range from brushing our teeth to paying the mortgage; no matter how insignificant of a task we may think we are faced with it is important to avoid procrastinating as much as possible. You can be certain that postponing tasks will almost always result in unexpected problems arising. So as much as you would like to do something other than the job at hand, just buckle down and take care of what you are faced with.

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